MetaDubai - Building the First VIRTUAL City in THE Metaverse


The Metaverse is approaching. It is a matter of time before humanity begins to exist in a parallel world of virtual reality. Years of intense development will soon reveal the new generation of immersive internet, open for everyone, uniting people and devices, cities and countries, applications, programs, and technologies in one virtual universe.

MetaDubai aims to build a virtual version of Dubai. This metaverse city of the future will mirror the physical Dubai we know today, bringing business,
social networking, travel, investment, entertainment, shopping, and other activities into a virtual realm. Step into MetaDubai and experience the charm of an international metropolis in the virtual world!


Ambitious goals are bound to take time. Building a metaverse starts with a strong ecosystem foundation. MetaDubai will allow users to become a community of creation, contributing to building a truly decentralized, distributed, and self-organized metaverse world.


Users can dive into the virtual world of MetaDubai directly from a computer. VR/AR/XR and other physical external devices will be supported in the future.


A highly qualified team of developers will establish the underlying consensus agreement of MetaDubai, including land management transactions, content interaction, and smart contracts.


MetaDubai will cooperate with decentralized data storage projects, such as Filecoin, for data storage management.


3D rendering technology of the world's top GPU companies such as NVIDIA and AMD will be used to render the MetaDubai landscape. The community developers will be able to independently contribute to low-code development. The algorithm layer will include AIGC, UGC, PGC, and other content generation technologies.


Distributed, decentralized, and community-governed model, based on a voting system that determines decision-making for economic model optimization, MetaDubai World Planning, NFT auctions, etc.


The MetaDubai cryptocurrency, MDB token, will be used as the token in circulation, medium of exchange in the MetaDubai land and real estate trading, as well as social, entertainment, and other applications, as a part of an independent financial system.


With the infrastructure of MetaDubai, the future possibilities are unlimited. Initially, however, mainstream applications of Metaverse, such as social networking, NFT, and games will be introduced.


Decentralized economy

The economic system of MetaDubai will be powered by DeFi. The team behind the project will not possess control over the monetary and fiscal policy of the underlying economy. The MDB token holders will have the right to receive token dividends. Early investors will be able to become part of the project through the MDBS equity shares pre-sale channel.

Fair governance

All the governance decisions will be made by the project community.  All users will exercise their rights for MetaDubai and vote to determine the future development direction of the project.

Open-source development

MetaDubai will embrace open-source principles with its code and data. A set of technologies will allow a common operating system for a truly open, interoperable metaverse, that will link hardware and software, host fully programmable digital assets and digital identities, and allow developers to build practically anything around it.


  • September 2021

    Launch of the project

  • sept - oct 2021

    MetaDubai Eco-circulation token MDB goes live on the PancakeSwap DEX

  • october 2021

    Project Audit / Listing on CMC and Coingecko

  • 2021 q4

    Dubai Royal Office support

  • 2021 q4

    Attendance of Dubai Expo 2020

  • 2022 q1

    Architectural Phase 1 Planning and Building (Burj Khalifa Tower & Dubai Mall)

  • 2022 q1-q2

    MetaDubai Platform Beta Developing & 3D Rendering

  • 2022 q1-q3

    Phase 1 Virtual Shopping & Delivery Functions/Virtual events

  • 2022 q3

    Open MetaDubai NFT Lands Auction Plan

  • 2022 q3-4

    MetaDubai Platform Beta Online for MDB Users

  • 2022 q4

    Base on Downtown and Phase 1, start Phase 2 planning & developing

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